luni, noiembrie 26, 2007

Bloggeri romani

Iata mai jos ce scrie un blogger de top din Romania. Pentru cei care au vreun dubiu, da este un post platit cu cativa centi amarati. Decat asa nu mai bine sa faci cum fac eu, adica pur si simplu copy-paste la ce mi se pare mie interesant. Oricum, budistul care a scris asta nu merita link.
Lectura placuta:

"It was a time when a dating site was in the top preferences for most of the internet users. It was something new, it was a strange and funny experience, it was a chance for anybody to find a perfect date, and when i say perfect i mean exactly what the user wants (height, eye color, weight, body type, occupation, MONTHLY INCOME etc.). Here is two standard forms with interests.

The images above are taken from DATE.COM, a site with 10 years of experience in free online dating services. Millions of users, millions of couples created there, millions of “single and looking” people that are waiting the perfect match. If i compare a site like that, and a classic way to find a date online (IRC, CHATROOMS), i think the dating site has a lot of advantages :

1. You have a search function to find the exact match.
2. You have the chance to see pictures of the other users
3. You have a live chat with private rooms to talk about everything
4. You have the possibility to make a public profile for the other users to find you more faster
5. You have a mail box so that other users can leave you a short message even when you are offline
6. You have a status bar where you can see how many people viewed your profile, how many users are online or if you are favorite user for somebody.

From what i read on this site they have two types of accounts : FREE ACCOUNT and GOLD ACCOUNT. Of course, on the gold account you benefit of a lot more site features (audio/video messaging, high rank in search results etc.), and the prices are not so big (99,95/year) for somebody that is looking for a soul mate :). Payments are made using checks, mail or credit cards.

Another feature of DATE.COM is that they made a separate site with dating advices for “begginers”, and if a man is for the first time in his life on a dating site and is a little dizzy about all that informations, he can go there to read some advices like “Common Mistakes of First Time Online Daters” or “Props Make Meeting People Easier” and make sure that he knows the common mistakes of other old users. For more informations visit DATE.COM!"

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